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Vouni is located between the beach and the mountain. You can combine it equally beautifully in summer but also in winter for your stay. At a very close distance you will find the largest and highest mountain range in Cyprus, the Troodos.

The white landscape that is paved during the winter months, is a pole of attraction both for the magical images it offers and the ski center that has the lovers of winter athletes or sports.

More info: MyTroodos

Ancient theater of Kourion

At a distance of 30 minutes from Vouni village, you can visit the ancient theater of Kourion. This is one of the most important archeological monuments of Cyprus, which survives until today. It is located at the southern end of a steep hill, 4 km southwest of the village of Episkopi in the province of Limassol.

Nowadays, the Kourion Theater, during the summer months, hosts Cypriot productions, festivals with world-class theatrical performances and music with artists from the world stage.

The view that you will meet on a night out at the theater of Kourion is dazzling since the marriage of the moon with the sea will be unforgettable.

More info: Visit Cyprus

Agios Ermogenis beach

At a very close distance from the Kourion Theater, is Agios Ermogenis beach, the closest beach to our village. There, you can enjoy quiet, lonely summer days, to cool off under the hot summer sun. The beach is mostly sandy with pebbles and waters of moderate depth, suitable for water sports, mainly for windsurfing.

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